Sunday, 6 November 2016

Robot review


During the past few weeks my partner Sam and I had created and programed our robot. The assignment we had to do was to program the robot to dance to a song. While programing our robot we had a couple difficulties as our batteries died sometimes and we would accidentally drop the robot or break a sensor off so we had to spend time fixing that most the time. Near the end of the programing testing our robot fell off the table to we had to rebuilding the lesson it was due. I enjoyed doing this as I have learnt lots about the coding. I think that my partner and I did a good job as our robot went all good on the day and went as it was supposed to do.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Scott jr with touch sensor

Today in class we used our robots and added a touch sensor to it.
When my partner and I were attaching the touch sensor to the robot we had a few problems because we accidentally broke the robot putting to much pressure on in so we had spent about 20 minutes putting the robot back to its original shape.
It was easy and fun when programing the robot with the touch sensor as when you have programed it all you need to do is press the button and it will start moving automatically.
It was easier to program then robot this time as we watched a video and used things we learnt from last time.
This lesson the brick worked, as last lesson it wasn't working and we had to change it this lesson to a brand new brick.
The robot worked perfectly with the new brick in it.

Scott with a sensor

In class last lesson we got the loge robot out and added a sensor to the front of the robot so that it could sense danger near it and not hit walls.
When programing the robot to do this it worked the first time and went smoothly but after that the robot wouldn't sense danger and drove straight into walls and obstacles. We realised we didn't plug the sensor in and tried it again but it still didn't work.
My partner and I had to reset the robot and delete files from there but it didn't work. The robot kept saying it was programing information when we already programmed it and would take forever to load. We spent about the whole lesson trying to get the robot to work again and get the robot to move with the right set of programing that we programed onto the robot but it wouldn't load our information from the  computer. The lesson was coming to an end so we had to leave the robot brick as it wasn't working and was not functioning right or doing things the way it was supposed to.

The Star Wars robot R2-D2

The robot R2-D2 was created to become a helper for some of the characters in star wars. He was an important robot as he carried lots of information about everything throughout the movie series.

R2-D2 was made out of wood, aluminum, polystyrene and resin (fiber glass).
The robot was computed to work wit the characters on the set of the movie and to serve to his master and help him with jobs in the movie. was a software used to provide templates and blue prints when programing and creating the robot. Staunton MakerSpace  provided the creators of R2-D2 access to the tools they would need and a 3D printer to help create the robot.
On set of the movie there was a person w ho would go into the characters body(shell) and help move the character around set  as well as the help of programing tools. Kenny Baker was a comedian who worked in the stars franchise and became the character R2-D2. Kenny Baker was 3 foot 8inchs tall. When the scenes for the movie was being filmed there were two sets of R2-D2 shells, one of them was used when the droid was moving by a remote and the other was controlled by someone inside the robot who physically moved the robot in scenes.
George Lucas created the robot R2-D2 for the star wars franchise and Ben Burtt created the sound that R2-D2 made in the movies.
The robot R2-D2 was created to be used as a mechanic and a backup computer for small ships in the Star wars movies. 


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Scott the lego robot

Last lesson my partner and I used our Lego robot named Scott and programmed him to go in a full circle and square on the table. When we were creating the square we had a lot of problems getting the robot to go through all the steps in the square without turning too much on the last movement. We realised that trying the robot on both carpet and table wasn't right because both surfaces would change the progress of the robot. We found with doing this little project it was easier to make the robot do everything on the table.

 We used this information to program Scott to do a full square. After many attempts of doing this we finally got the formula right and got it to go in a full square.
This formula didn't exactly get Scott to go in a full perfect square but after many attempts and lots of time trying we just decided that it was the closest that we are going to get.

 This formula was used to program Scott to do a full circle. We found this a lot easier to do than the circle because we got used to what we were doing after playing around lots with the square.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Photoshop profile picture

In class today we had to use a picture we took and change and edit the picture to make it look different and new for our profile pictures.
To edit and change the original picture I had drawn I used a few different techniques to get it to look like it does now. Firstly I used the brightness adjustment icon and colour changing icon, to which I made the picture slightly darker. Secondly I used the cropping icon to which I made the picture smaller. Then I used the filter icon to make the picture black and white. Then I changed the brightness and the colours a little bit to make the white really bright. Lastly I had spent a lot of time colouring the background a shade of black everywhere even in between some of the hairs and all around every corner of the picture.
In the end the picture turned out like this ->.
I had a little problem while changing the size of the picture because i didn't save it first so it turned out a little bit blurry.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Photoshop Techniques

 2 Photoshop Techniques

The new techniques I learned on Photoshop were the filter changer, and the brightness changer. I also learn how to manipulate the photo by moving parts of it in different directions to make it longer in some areas and smaller in others.
I also learnt how to use and find the blurring tool on Photoshop form one of my friends and I combined all three to make a photo.
In the picture I made I used two tree pictures and got rid of the backgrounds and put one on top of the other which gave the tree a skeleton like look. I made the filter black and white and I changed the brightness so the white stood out and the darkness was even darker. In the end the picture looked like there was only one tree that had the skeleton/ branches and trunk showing.